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Style is what separates us.

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

It has become the days of, 'very few available shows', and so many hungry people in the audio industry. I needed a way to be seen as legitimate and relevant in these tough times. Even my charity shows cancelled, so it's not about the money. It's 2020, I think that explains enough. Growing up is where the style challenge started. Doing shows with legitimate loudspeakers, but razzed because they had the church friendly wood grain veneer. (the simplicity of the 90's). I am often remembered by the setups I run. So its important that it runs very well, AND looks good. It's always been important that I am not copying someone's style. It can also be true my style can't be copied. Besides a name like Zoltan Wallace, what is there other than the 'style?' Since I can remember, I have been a 'not trend' sorta person. too soon, or too late. Mainly because my reason for liking something was to make me feel better, and not 'fit in'. This of course always failed, by making me lament my fashion choice. That was until I found live music. Live music of all kinds, Midwest Punk, techno, and even some country shows. Worked my way through Wisco, and found Hard rock, and then stumbled into the rockabilly and party rock. These live venues gave me a chance to just come as I was, and have fun. My fun turned professional, and I have fun whenever I get to work. Work; that's the hardest thing to get in our industry. I hear of sporadic shows, but nothing came my way, unless it was pre-booked, and not cancelled. You wonder what this has to do with style? That's exactly it; my industry did not have an issue with MY style. This helped me to not fall into common trends. Showing up to run a show wearing, Full suits for no reason, or vests and button ups with Purple died alligator shoes. I even used spray paint to give my 'extra' suit jacket a 'gold dust' look. I still dislike leaving the house in t-shirts and jeans, unless I am going for a look. Usually I have 2 styles, work clothes, and gig clothes. Lately, my work... fun, Is all but completely gone. My style isn't gone. Its getting better. Older, perhaps, but better. My style is not just what I wear, or how I walk...'s a lot of what I run for equipment, and how I setup a room. My style is the attention I put into all details of a show. Basically the wedding planner of concerts, on a private concert scale. Real pros can easily throw 10k 40k plus watts of power at a crowd and make it clean and good sounding. But does it disappear into the show, or stand out as a part of it. Can it do both? These are the silly problems I invent for myself to solve. Sitting down and drawing up full color examples of spaces for shows. Sometimes I wonder if I should have done wedding planning exclusively, but concerts are just too much fun to give up. The freedom to be me is not so much an issue now a days. Sometimes I get good looks, sometimes I get dirty looks. My style is still my own, thanks to the freedom that is the live music life.



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