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2023 - Future


FLATLINE|Studios Broadcasting INC
117 S. Chestnut Ave, Green Bay WI

We are taking on new projects and clients in our new recording studio.

In this new location we will be fully equipped to record audio and video. From Full bands to solo songwriters. The ability to host Podcasts and Live shows. Our recording process accommodates  up to 48 channels of recording in our fully equipped facility. Mixing and Mastering services will be available, with video editing and processing.

We will also have opportunities to take on Podcast style shows, where we will work with you to create a set, with props to film your daily, weekly, or monthly podcasts. There are limited slots available for continuous projects such as Talk shows and other reoccurring video needs.




We were invited to the Tarlton Theatre to host a LIMITED RUN of Live stream performances. The venue is very unique in that it's a Theatre and a performing arts style establishment. We hosted 3 shows from this venue, and were very happy to have been a part of this Historic Building's extensive lineup.

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SESSIONS @ Stillmank

We started off 2021 as Stillmank Session, then had to change our name. We became Brewing Session. The Brewery let us produce 13 shows from their space. We thank them for all of their hard work.



 Rockabilly's Salloon

Rockabilly's Saloon, Green Ba WI.
It was at this location that ONYX lighting systems entered into the FlatLine|Studios family. We grew our lighting system to incorporate moving head LED pixel fixtures and overhead lighting.



Live music at BIKE SHOPS

We did some pretty wild concerts at a Bicycle shop in Green Bay, and I would do it again if it was still there. These were a blast, and had a scene that no other venue could have matched.



BEARDS, Mustaches and raising money for Charity


This era of the studio was a little less recording, and a lot more using the equipment to host charity events. The main charity events were Mustache and Beard competitions, where the proceeds all went to charity; usually a women and children's shelter. During this time FlatLine|Studios also donated time to help out a local assisted living center (Curative) by providing Karaoke services to disabled people who are unable to go socialize in public. These people were so happy and made our day every time we had the opportunity to work with them.


1997 and Forward

Live Production and Remote recording

Started way back in 1997, possibly a little before that. FlatLine|Studios got it's start when the founder, Joseph Lang; was asked to do a recording of a multi band punk show. At that time Joseph was only 17 years old. He didn't even have a vehicle to haul equipment. It's true that back then he didn't even have equipment to record, only an old church PA system. Joseph borrowed the cassette decks from his grandfather in order to be able to record the show. Like most punk shows of the time, there was little money, if any. The work was being done for the love of the music, and not the glory and riches. From 1997 onward it became a passion that Joseph was not able to shake, and it became the resting point for his career though all the hardships of other parts of his life. When a career let him down and went bankrupt, the Music was still there. When Injury left him temporarily out of work, Music was still there. He never left the music, and it never left him. Over 300 bands have played for Joseph's on location recording endeavor through out the years.

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