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Updated: May 8, 2023

[UPDATE 04-21-2023] We have discontinued our Remote Live stream services at THE TARLTON. We have started a build on a New Recording Studio, and Plan to open JUNE 2023. Follow us on all the social media platforms for updates if you don't find one Here on our webpage...

[Original Article]

As 2022 ends we enter into our season 2 of Sessions by FlatLine|Studios. 2022 marked the end of the Stream Sessions at Stillmank Brewing Company. The backdrop and acoustics in the building are amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed recording in that amazing space. HOWEVER, this time we are in a theatre. We can support a full studio audience, and make it the show Nate and Zoltan planned out to make back in 2019.

A studio audience presents it's own issues, and the biggest one is getting one. So we are selling tickets at a discounted $5 for the first show. That's a Musical Concert, and Interview show, that is Live Broadcast worldwide; for only $5 to be in the audience.

NOVEMBER 9th, is our OPENING show. Honestly not sure who our opening act is yet. We had some work schedule interference with some musicians. Thus is life. But we will have a show, just like the other shows we didn't find an act for until a week prior. "It's LIVE! and it's Local"

The interior of the venue is amazing, perfectly set up for a VIP feeling and a great environment for recording Live performances.

The challenge with the space will be sound "bouncing" off the stage and Screen/Stage Back. We have some fixes for this that we think we can hide behind a drum backer curtain.

We Are also making a drum riser, hoping this will help see our drummer on camera angles that are more than just the "Drummer Camera" angle. Drummers work hard, and deserve some camera time even when it's just a "Standard 8th note groove". Some other things we have in the works is a "set" design. something to make the stage FLATLINE|STUDIOS and something we can move out, and re-set up for next show. No on site storage. These are all the design logistics I guess, still leaves the option of Advertisers, Ticket Sales, and Helpers... ...oh yeah, and the band. We will leave the band hunting up to the genius of musician outreach, Nate.

The Tarlton stage area is a nice open space. Plenty of room to have set pieces and props, while allowing the musicians to remain separated for optimal recording quality. Some small hurdles are the main cable runs from front of house to stage, however we have a seated audience, and no dance floor use.

We have a 4 hour set up window

Things to do in our 4 hour timeframe:

-Load in (don't damage floor or property) -build a drum riser

-place set and lighting pieces -wiring

-lighting cables

-networking cables

-computers and monitors

-audio cabling

-camera cabling

-lighting control systems check -check audio systems

-check focus,

-white balance video systems

-start recording video

-start recording audio

-sound check band

-rehearse the intro one last time

-verify live link is green

-realizing it is 5:59pm cst and we go live LIVE in one minute. Watch live on: Twitch YouTube Trovo

Facebook Watch Videos on Demand on YouTube, rumble, and sometimes Facebook.



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