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Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Our new BRICK AND MORTAR facility is opening Summer 2023. In this new home for FlatLine|Studios location we have had full control over the design, and construction of our recording space. Many hours of math crunching has been spent on making sure that our rooms sound great. We are renovating a nearly 100 year old building.

The wall placements have been designed to reduce most standing waves associated with indoor music performances, mainly Drums. Running all new electrical, removing all original cables. The new electrical will be designed for no audio interference from bad grounds, or crossed wires typically associated in older buildings.

It has taken us a long time in planning, contract writing, electing a board of Directors... ....let me just say, this has been a process that I never thought would be so difficult, and seems never ending. I know it will be worth it. Not just worth it to me.

It is nice seeing my engineering designs come to life, and I hope it will be worth it to those who have a need to record their performances.

June 2023 we will be opening. Our first week open will be a soft opening with walk in viewings, but after our Grand Opening (not scheduled yet) we will move to an APPOINTMENT ONLY studio.

Hope to see you Here, Email for bookings



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