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OPEN FOR BUSINESS, FlatLine|Studios Has Finished Construction.

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

After nearly 3 months we have finished our studio build. The only thing left is to clean and move in our furniture and equipment.

The entire concept from design to finished product has been the passion of FlatLine|Studios' President Joseph Lang and VP Nathaniel Smith. Designed by Joseph Lang using his decades of knowledge and experience in engineering, he has designed a space that is beautiful to look at, with many hand crafted elements.

[Photo Slideshow below] There were a lot of challenges through the build, from costs to time; every barrier seemed to be put in front of us, but the job got done, and it looks amazing. We are now taking booking appointments, We Co-Hosted a party for Independence Day 2023 in our parking lot, with 4 performances by local musicians, and a great turn out crowd wise. This is not our official grand opening party, more of a friends and family pre-open party. We will be scheduling a proper ribbon cutting ceremony, so all the local influences can show up in support.

We have taken a run down, vacant building from 2020 riot damage to stylish and operational. We took no government grants to make this happen, and the build was primarily financed by Joseph and Jessica Lang with some help from Nathaniel Smith. Nearly 100% of the labor was done with joseph Lang at the title of laboring contractor, Nathaniel Smith as the loyal construction assistant, and help from a short list of amazing people. Our Volunteer helpers did this knowing it was going to make a great impact on the City, and more importantly the Music Community as a whole. We are bringing the Nashville recording scene to Green Bay. This Studio is only the start of the journey, the road is paved with all of the future artists who have yet to walk through the door and spoil us with their amazing talent. We will use this space to help launch otherwise unknown artists into the realm of Professional recordings. What we are not, is a company that binds people to contracts. We want our artists to be their own fate makers. We want our artists to hold their own rights, and profits. There may be a few collaborative projects where members of the studio share rights on projects, but that is only projects where they are creatively involved with the art directly. We are just charging for our engineering services as a Recording, Mastering and Video Editing studio. You Play, We will make it sound amazing and hand it ready to go, to you, for YOU to keep the profits.

Please enjoy this small slide show about our build. From Old Neglected and Run Down, to NEW LIFE. [use left and right arrows on pic to navigate photos]



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