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GET READY, The Studio is nearly ready to open it's doors...

Paint is on the walls, floor are getting cleaned, and trim and doors are getting hung. The end of the build is nearly upon us. Hope your ready to record, because we are so very excited to be done building this dream, and on to cultivating the dreams fruits.

The front Display windows are done and looking pretty sharp, showing off Badgerland Badge & Sign company on one side, and our Logo on the other side.

The lighting on the FlatLine|Studios sign is not done, but we can finish that after we are open, and in our down time. The sign for FlatLine|Studios was made by Joseph Lang at Badgerland Badge and Sign Co. It is very much a partnership that we know will benefit both of our companies.

There are minor things to finish, like hanging a few lights that were in the way of paint, and same with doors. Trim is back from the woodshop planed Cedar and stained to match the existing trim. Flooring is in storage waiting to be used, and sound panels are only lacking the final upholstry touch. Furniture lease is signed, and equipment is lined up and waiting to be installed. It's all ready for the building process to be done.

We started this on April 9th of this year, and look to be finished with the build by July 1st, hopefully open for business and showings as a soft opening by July 4th. The studio will be appointment only for sessions, and walk ins are unlikely to happen after we get open, as we will be recording other's sessions. make sure you get ahold of our Ordering email on the CONTACTS page.



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