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Odd times we have found ourselves in

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

It's not new, and

Just about everyone has had to deal with the restrictions lately on just about everything in our lives. Live music is what I do, it's my drive and passion. I Had to find a way to get back to Live Music before I lost my mind in isolation. I never would have thought, in my entire life; that I would see concerts being cancelled all over the world. Think about it for a minute. Just in the Music industry we're looking at a huge thirst for music. There is a lack of places to play, and millions of crew members, various event staff, and musicians all without work. Unlike the other industries we tend to book out a year in advance. Some bands and tours have over a years worth of prep work... ....cancelled.

How to have Live Music, when you can't leave your home? Find a business on the approved to be open list. The big problem was a 10 person limit on occupation. A live Production requires a crew of talented people. Obviously the band itself, required employees, and then production staff. To add to the difficulty we had a very uneasy production crew. No one wanted to have anything to do with the idea, for fear of being Shamed or arrested. (sad but true)

Determined to keep producing Live entertainment; I partnered with The Dirty Martinis and Old School Bicycles for a unique collaboration. Aiming to bring back live music, in a Live music venue. Our fans would have to tune in on Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook. The plan seemed easy to do.

A year ago I would have had a phone on fire with replies to take the show. however I found no takers. 4 Cameras and no operators. We were worried about getting found out and arrested, or worse; raided with fans. The band hadn't played together in months so this was all up in the air if this would even work. It was about 20 minutes to go until we went Live. We start getting radio interference from a Radio Station a quarter mile away. I had to record a few off line takes and play them back. Had to make sure the radio station wasn't bleeding into our live feeds. The Radio noise was only on the self powered monitors. That was Luck on our side for once.

No matter how hard it all seemed, we went on with the show. Right as we go live the Video feed on one of the cameras starts dropping frames. My determination is very persistent; as are my redundancies. For me, that's No Problem, I have another camera, however no time to get it ready because we are LIVE. I think it's necessary to state 'it would have been smoother with 3 more production staff members'. But we did it. We went LIVE for 36 viewers, 5 min late and stayed live for over 3hrs. The band Played, the sound was clear. I think the LIVE ONLY features worked very well for our 'intro' and 'intermission' video sections. The overlays looked great, and the bands name was always seen on the stream.

This is where we get to My self disappointment. After watching and re-watching the live streams I have issues that I will address. The setup was hurried and it looked like it. The lights were not aligned, cameras were failing. I had to busk lighting, while manually camera directing and switching, and audio management. Then my auto moderator was doing a bad job, so I had to jump into that and fix it while live.

However, I learned a lot. I also know that I've done something awesome. If it's only awesome to me, that's OK.

I will make every show better, even when everything is working against me. I will also make more shows, because that's who I am.

The things you never know are going to happen... ...then Murphey shows up. When that happens - keep your head high, and do what you came here to do.

The Show Must Go On! Check out the LIVE CONCERT recorded live on YouTube.



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